Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So Grown Up, I Scare Myself

Hi all,

I've noticed recently that I'm getting old. Whereas in the past I'd be content to read until 3 in the morning and suffer through a day with 3 hours of sleep, I've lately decided that my 7.5/8 hours of sleep must happen instead. I suppose that could be a commentary on what I've been reading. However, for the sake of this argument, I'm going with the fact that I'm getting pathetically old.

However, this isn't concrete, really. What IS concrete is what happened today. Upon trundling everyone out the door to go to the neighborhood meeting, I'm informed that 1. It will be co-workers only and 2. It won't be held at my house. Well, I can't leave everyone, so obviously I'm unable to go. It irked me slightly, but really, I'm not going to complain. Because that's a good solid nap right there! However, upon giving into the temptation of checking my e-mail, I found out I had the documents to do my taxes. So guess who now has her taxes filed (hello Germany!)? Just to spell that out though: I chose doing my taxes over a nap.

Oh, I'm also tired.

I also have to walk up hill both ways coming to and from work, but that's a geographical phenomenon known as a valley. We also did spring cleaning today at work (although which spring it was done last is surely a point for contention...) and so I spent a lot of time up and clinging to shelves, and hoping not to fall down off of them. We can also see out some of the windows again, so that's a plus.

Anyhow, only most of tomorrow to soldier on through. I did get a funny phone call this morning from housemom though:

HM: "Hey. You ok...etc. Can I talk to Housedad?"
Me: "Uh, he's gone."
HM: "Really? Gone?"
Me: "Yup, Gone."
HM: "Gone where?"
Me: "Gone Gone?"
HM: "As in he left???"
Me: (with a dawning realization of mis-communication)"Uh, yes. Gone, as in on his trip to ____"
HM:"This MORNING?! You're ALL ALONE???!?!?" (with panic in her voice)
Me: "Yup"
HM:"But...What? He wasn't going to go until I got back...You sound ok...but there's something in your voice..."
Me: "Yeah, I'm sorry, but your voice is kind of priceless, I kind of find it funny. But really, I'm fine..."
HM: "Okkkk. What's the number for next door?! I need to talk to her!"

I shouldn't find her panicking to be a funny thing, but I was amused. I mean, I've been running the morning crew and the guys are pretty low maintenance, and I've had to help with them before. Plus, I did the easy option of "bread and spread" for dinner, so it's not like I even cooked an extra meal today. On a less humorous note, I don't think housedad will be back before Monday. This means that Steph=No Day Off this weekend. : (

However, I'm angling for a promise of a weekend sometime...

Hope all is well,

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