Sunday, March 21, 2010

Slowly But Steadily

Hi all,

So, remember (maybe?) approximately 5-6 months ago when I had the posts on the jewelry I was making? Well, I did get the first necklace completely finished in November, and then didn't do any for December. I'd been working on the second one on my days off, but lately I've actually had things to do. However, I had some time this afternoon and so I finished putting the beads on the second one. There is a slight variation that I need to correct, but other than that it looks pretty good!

Of course, it will also eventually need a clasp. Sigh.

I think my subconscious is feeling guilty about not working on it more, as I had a nightmare about the wedding the other night. See what a supportive bridesmaid I'm being? I'm stressing from afar months before the wedding! However, that's 2 down, 2 to go!

Today housemom took a much needed day off and so I did brunch and the cake for dessert. It's also the new co-workers birthday, so he had it off and went to NYC. He'll probably creep in around midnight, so he'll have to have it tomorrow! After brunch we had a long rest time, and then the villagers were off to a movie showing in the hall (The Wizard of Oz) at 3:15. So I had the whole afternoon to work on the necklace. Granted, it was a fantastic 70 degrees outside, but there were also 5 screaming children and I didn't feel like lugging my stuff downstairs.

After dinner I went and kicked a soccer ball around with the 8 year old and Maria. I can tell that she's played before, apparently with her mom. So this will be a good activity, I should think. I'm also getting impulses to go and run, thankfully my sanity kicks in eventually. That, and the fact that I'll have to have my tennis shoes sent. And my soccer bag. And my softball glove. And my capris. (Wishful thinking, I suppose, but it's sooooo tempting...). That'd be quite the box, so I was looking online trying to figure out the approximate price, and I decided it'd be cheapest to just have my parents scan pictures of them to me.

Because that would be helpful.

Hope all is well,

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