Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Which Steph Breaks Things

Hi all,

Yes, that was a plural - things. The morning started off with a bang (well, a tinkling...) with absolutely no warning. I was tilting the jar to pour out some granola when I hear a *clink* and then stared dumbfounded as granola started to somehow sprinkle onto the floor. The piece pretty much just popped out, and there were only 3-4 tiny little fragments that splintered off. I think housemom's psychic powers may be rubbing off...scary thought.

Additionally, after a wonderful lunch of non-salted clafouti and a far-too-short rest hour we all trundled out to take the 15 passenger van to a local concert. We were running late, but the children were being so horrid that we had to pull over to rearrange the seating. Housemom is looking a little haggard. Anyhow, she also had to take the two youngest out because they couldn't appreciate the musical genius of Nancy Allen Lundy and Stephen Gosling. In case you don't want to watch the 9 minute long videos, they were amazing. Plus, the "select" local HS choir sang along with a few selections (which was pretty bad, except "Swing Low, Chariot" which was very good). They did a selection of "folk songs" from around the world, and most of them were great. It seemed as though people enjoyed them.

When we got back to the van, it was discovered that the front passenger door (ie, where Steph had sat) was jammed shut. The seatbelt got caught (give me a break, I was leaping out to help out others from the back since we were late!), and the cloth part jammed up the release. We got it open. And it stayed that way. Guess who held the door shut for the 20 minute ride home? Housemom nervously joked that if she lost me, she'd never get another co-worker.

Probably true.

Speaking of, I'm getting really irritated about not getting a new co-worker. With housedad gone (great timing, right? BUT TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT), we have zero male co-workers in the house. The kids have been acting up like crazy lately (housemom has been horrified, exhausted and determined to re-balance the behavior! Which is nice...) and so that's not helping either. However, the icing on the cake is that 1. We haven't heard anything and 2. The male co-workers next door are being about 100% useless. Now, they seem to be pretty decent guys, but when the both make excuses about how they can't come over to give the one guy who needs help his 5 minute bath I start to get pretty pissed. I do NOT feel "supported"! Grrrrrrrr.

I know that other houses have their own schedules and people, but I absolutely refuse to believe that it should take 1 to 1.5 months to get someone in - or just every other night to help for 20 minutes. So, yes, I'm a tad bit upset.

Not helping my mood is the creepy walk and hall lock up at night. I finally brought a flashlight because one of the path lights is burned out along the route - nearly causing me to stumble into a tree. With help of said flashlight, I stayed on the path and saw the offending light. Mumbling particularly choice words at it, I gave it a small kick - and it turned ON.

This has mollified me.

Hope all is well,

PS They fixed the van door easily enough, apparently it has happened before...

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