Sunday, March 28, 2010

So, About that Day Off

Hi all,

I got to sleep in until almost 9. I got up, got ready for the day and lugged down my darks to wash. However, there was stuff already in the washer, that was sopping wet still. So I put it on a drain cycle. 20 minutes later I find out that the washing machine is also not working. It was flashing a lovely error code. So I did what any stubbornly self-sufficient woman does when facing a mechanical crisis:

I googled it.

And in doing so, I discovered this lovely video.

So naturally, I decided to give it a go. After about 25 minutes of screw driver failure (probably not the first time the screws had been taken out to get to the filter), Sam helped me find the secret compartment with the smaller ratchet wrench. Despite this minor male help (housemom was all for me doing it myself, but offered to get the closest neighbor housefather to come over...he did come over, but it turned out to just borrow some baking power, which is kind of an ironic reversal...), I did manage to get the filter cleaned out.

Disgusting. Especially with the last load being full of sick chicken-related grossness.

The chicken is still holding on, and is living in our bootroom in a cage, temporarily.

I invited Schmee over for brunch and afterward we went to Great Barrington. We stopped at a coffee shop and had the most horrendous chai tea of my life. We both had ordered it, and noticed the other one making faces. I summoned a little courage and asked the guy what kind of mix they use...and apparently they make their own: ginger, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. And it was truly disgusting. I've had pretty authentic chai before, not from a mix, so they're definitely doing it wrong.

After weighing out our options, we went with using them as handwarmers while we wandered about. We visited a cool little candy shop, a toy store, the bead store and one or two others. It was nice to get out of the village.

I was back in time for dinner, mainly just to try the chocolate mousse that Sam had made with Toblerone. It was exquisitely delicious! Plus, the person that was coming from another community turned out to not be a co-worker, as we were led to believe, but was a villager. So there's some more stress for housemom for the day! Not a very nice thing to do, since we're already one co-worker down with housedad gone. So I ended up doing the dishes.

So, an interesting day off. But now I have clean laundry!

Hope all is well,

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