Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a Hausfrau

Hi all,

Today was a pretty awesome day. I got to spend most of it driving around. I went to a dentist appointment this morning (which went just fine, no problem getting there), made a quick stop to pick up some things for the house, and made it back home around 10:45. Housemom asked if I was "driven-out" and upon hearing the negation sent me in the opposite direction to the library. Between the library (where I successfully got out of a wrongful fee!) and the pharmacy, I made it back just in time for lunch in the cafe.

My table was, as usual, quite lively. However, it was a fun lively, for the most part. Just general tomfoolery. Although I do have to say that the "butterscotch pudding" really tested my texture buds...

It was also GORGEOUS out here today, well into the fifties, although with a good breeze. It was order day in the co-op, but during tea break we all went outside to soak up a few rays of sunshine. Lovely. I was on my own for dinner - but with 5 of us, it's just a piece of cake. I also made everyone really hurry for clean up and dragged us out for a walk. Beau was quite adamant about not wanting to go until I said "PLEASEEEE...You can hold my hand..." Yup, that's all the incentive he needed. He kept a death grip on it too...

Tonight, while finishing the cribbage game with the 8 year old (who definitely is not quite ready for it, making combinations of 15 is quite a challenge for her...), the neighborhood work representative stopped by to talk to me. This put me slightly on edge. Her news that they wanted to switch me to working afternoons in one of the care houses was not well-received. Tactfully, my response was:

"Um, but then wouldn't I be in the house all day long? Although, do I actually get a say?"
"Oh. Yes...no, that won't work. We try not to do that..."

So, phew.

Because, although I don't mind running the morning work crew much - it's a great relief to get out of the house environment during the day. I'm just glad they didn't want me in the morning - not that housemom would give me up...her eyes grew HUGE at the thought...

Anyhow, perhaps a male co-worker tomorrow night or Thurs?

Hope all is well,

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