Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Spring, Welcome First Robin, Welcome Allergies

Hi all,

Isn't it fitting: the first day of spring I see the my first robin of the year? Although, I'm not sure that I've ever had a 70 degree-first-day-of-spring before. Not that I'm complaining!
Yesterday was pretty much a typical Friday. I got a little socializing in last night and got to talk to some people I rarely see. It became a sort of theme for me that carried over for today. I got up, after managing to sleep until 9:30 -a record for Saturday. My earplugs can't quite withstand the vacuum, and the new co-worker was a bit apologetic. If it's not one thing, it's another.

Yesterday afternoon I'd signed out the car from 12-4 and was quite surprised to see that one of the neighbors had crossed me out. However, since I'd been invited along to a trip to fulfill a civics requirement for Americorps, I decided to change my time to an earlier time anyway. But they're really not supposed to do that, and housemom was quite indignant on my behalf. I went to Hudson and got a haircut (open on Saturdays) and picked up some things for today and tomorrow for cooking that weren't available in the co-op. When I got back (rushing...), I found a bar of chocolate and a note hanging attached to my door.

The neighbor housemom was in such a hurry, that when she saw my name, she thought it was her husband's, as he often signs like me. (Any guesses to what his name is?) So she'd thought he'd been a bit of an idiot and checked it out for the wrong time, and corrected the situation. Apparently she was quite embarrassed by this - hence the chocolate. No complaints here!

Luckily, even though I was a bit late, the group set off late anyway. We went to Hyde park and wrangled our way onto a tour (we'd called ahead about arranging a special tour since we were bringing villagers, but were assured no extra measures were necessary...they lied). I felt slightly discriminated against, on their behalf. I feel that the community I grew up in has a much better and tolerant view on people who are differently-abled, and so it surprises me when I run into people with no tolerance and are blindly ignorant and rude. This is especially surprising as FDR himself had a physical disability in a time where it was suspected that you must also have mental issues if you had physical ones....
However, the tour guide was wonderful, funny and very informative. Above is a picture of the "house" (we joked we could just move the community into the 1500 acres...), that FDR grew up in and lived in. It's now a museum. Couldn't take pictures inside. My favorite part was the hill and landscape that he had as an overlook from his room:



Anyhow, we also stopped by a Dairy Queen (yay!) and so now I'm a little bit in love with the Hyde Park area, and want to come back at the end of June for the Rose Garden!

Anyhow, running brunch tomorrow.

Hope all is well,

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