Friday, February 26, 2010

...And THAT'S how we Ended up with 6 Dozen Eggs...

Hi all,

Need I say it was a long day? Housemom had all the kids out of school to go to dentist appointments. So I was home (with the housedad, but he's, well, yeah). So there was lots to do. I managed to bake/frost a cake, bake pumpkin bread (to use up the can), make lunch, get the milk pail dropped off, a trip to the co-op orchestrated, and got everyone where they needed to go on time. The co-op run was pretty essential, as we needed a few eggs to make the cake and bread. I sent her off, and she returned without them, saying they had none. Now, I'd seen two whole boxes full of flats of eggs, so I knew something wasn't right. I called for clarification and found out that they'd been out of cartons to put the eggs in, but now had some. Luckily, they had someone who could drop some off. Not 5 minutes after he dropped off the two dozen, the bakery delivery guy came in and unloaded 4 dozen more! Apparently our request to only get 2 dozen (delivered on Thursdays...) got messed up. So, yeah, we have 6 dozen expensive eggs ($4 a dozen...)...any guesses what's for brunch???

I somehow survived the morning, and lunch with our guests that invited themselves. Immediately afterwards I had to hike over to another house to borrow their fan to do the town run. Only 2 of the 3 people who'd reserved a spot showed up. So we got into town and back in record time. And I didn't miss the turn!

The co-op was pretty typical. One co-worker didn't bother to show up or call, the printer decided not to work, the produce came in and I got to do the ordering list. We did enjoy some pretty scrumptions pumpkin bread topped with extra maple/creamcheese frosting though. Have I mentioned that I'm enjoying maple syrup for the first time in my life on a regular basis? I hate that processed shit that they call "syrup" which is the lowest grade imaginable mixed with a ton of sugar and is practically black. Thankfully, we're all too organic for that here. Although that's pretty much the only thing that I find vastly superior.

Supper was a nice time. Afterwards, when cleaning up, we got a bit giggly. I've been having issues with "Connie" (short for controversial...nice, right?) as she cleans up every day with wiping the table and sweeping. As I'm doing the dishes, she likes to say "Excuse me!" and practically butts me out the way for the water. So we're working on waiting for me to move. Tonight she thought it was funny as I approached the sink to give me a little hip bump, and then giggled. I giggled back. Housemom had been singing, and so Connie sang
"Do you like my siiiiinging?"
"Yes I like your siiiiinging!"
And suddenly the ball was rolling. The children and housemom got into a competition to see who could sing highest. Suddenly, my charge - Maria - barges into the kitchen and excited asks if she can try.
The ear-piercing operatic tone that ensued was fantastic. I literally was jumping up and down with laughter. She was declared the winner. Honestly, it was just hysterical.

The villagers were all invited to a neighbor's house for Mama Mia! tonight. Beau, our basically non-verbal guy (he likes to pet my arm and sometimes kiss it...) was vehemently opposed and actually left the table. So he stayed home tonight. I set him up with a magazine to read, while I plopped into the beanbag chair by one of the couches. Naturally, he sat nearest the end to where I was at - occasionally reaching down to pat my head. Suddenly, something falling caught my eye. Looking over, I confirmed my suspicion. Beau has partial dentures, which has some natural side effects. Apparently this now includes drooling onto my head. Well, mostly my hair.
All I could think to say was:
"Beau! You just drooled on me!"
A slightly concerned look passed his face, which slyly turned into a small giggle. I suppose I should be rather grossed out by this, but really...who can say they've literally been drooled over?

Hope all is well (and dry!),
PS And no, of course we have no idea of when we'll be getting a new male co-worker. Don't be silly.

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