Friday, February 19, 2010


Hi all,

I'm particularly disappointed in my immune system. After 4 years of practically no illness (short colds maybe once or twice a year, plus allergies...but still) while in a college atmosphere and now this. You'd think that irregular sleeping, eating and high stress situations (not to mention the occasional very-sick roommate) would have made me more likely to become ill. However, it in no way prepared me to come and live with three young children. They've picked up their 4th (5th? 6th???) illness this winter and successfully passed on a second to me. Mine have been a lot milder, thank goodness, but I'm still not too thrilled.

I spent most of my my morning curled up in bed in a comatose state. Infinitely preferable to hacking. I only ventured out to take a driving "test" because they're practically impossible to get, let alone re-schedule! I passed, although the speed limits had me driving insanely cautious and I might've missed a key turn at one point. Yeah.

Luckily, most of the house was on a "youth group trip" to the museum. This meant that during shower time, somehow the word "pterodactyl" made it into the refrain of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". I wish I could explain how.

Tomorrow will be good, I'm hoping. I've been popping herbal remedies and have some day-cold medication that I'm going to take. We've planned a day out after morning cleaning, and I'm pretty excited to get my library card.

I'm working my way through the books I got. Two were disappointments (Ray Bradbury: should stick to short stories...and I got mislead on an Asimov book, it mostly has essays written by him...), but several good ones. I am terribly enamored with Paulo Coelho and so I'm hoping the library will have some of his books I haven't read yet, and hopefully a decent science fiction section.

On a completely different note, we just found out that the other co-worker will be leaving next Friday. There are many reasons contributing to it, but I think it's a decision that has let him have some peace. I'm not sure if they'll be able to move a new person in right away, or shuffle around from another house. It's definitely a difficult house compared to some, so I hope whoever we get will be a good fit!

Hope all is well (and healthy),

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