Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh So Tempting to SCIP

Hi all,

For whatever ridiculous reason, SCIP training is referred to as "Skip" instead of "Sip". I was supposed to have it all day today, but we finished in just the morning session. This was both good and bad. Good because I couldn't face another 3 hours of the instructor's droning (he decided to explain what "punishment" meant, and other obvious things...) and made up words. I mean, "unappropriate" - really?!? Plus all the contradictions. Urg. However, it also was going to keep me out of my afternoon workshop (and away from the villager I've been having a frustrating time with), and so I was rather loathe to go. The other co-worker really took charge though, and kept everyone moving throughout the day.

We also had an Americorps meeting during the cafe lunch (a terrible idea, too loud and too many interruptions). It was strange to be in a group meeting and surrounded by Americans...
Nothing really applied to me yet since they're mostly at the 6 month stage and I'm still about 5 months shy of that...

Anyhow, it translated to being a long and tiring day and it'll be nice to be back in rhythm for tomorrow and set up for my day off on Saturday. YAY! If the weather holds, I'll hopefully be able to go out for a ride...

Hope all is well,

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