Saturday, February 20, 2010

Focusing on the Positives...

Hi all,

Well, it's a short list, but I'll try to make do. First of all, I managed to finally get a library card today. This was exciting, and although the library is a tiny affair it does have a interlibrary loan system. The most exciting thing (that I forgot from last night...) is that I got not one, but two social invitations yesterday for today. Now, of course it wasn't my day off (and I'm rather contaminated, so I think they would've rethought their invitation...) but it definitely made my day.

The children have been driving housemom nuts and at one point she finally exclaimed:
"If you want to stay downstairs...and better behave!"
This of course, was slightly hilarious.

I feel sorry that she's carrying so much responsibility - especially with me at about half strength. My energy and patience levels are much depleted, so I can only imagine how hers are! And, as my mother always said: "Babysitting is the best form of birth control".

Remember when I had that conversation with housemom about working on my humor? Tonight was a good example...I was sitting next to my charge at the table and she was only picking at her food, finally I asked why she wasn't eating...
"Can you take it off??"
"Take off your fake bandaid?" (One of the children went to town on the medical tape on her pinkie...)
As I was struggling for a good 10 minutes at the table, my mind wandered and I started to say:
"Wouldn't it be funny if the finger fell o- oops"
"I didn't say it! I didn't Say it! I caught myself..."

However, not five minutes later we were talking about how they were going to get to the hall (in which pairs) and housemom blurted out that she could take the camel!
I gave her a stern look and told her I had issues with this on two levels.
One, is that it's hardly keeping a "realistic grounding" on the situation and the second is that it's really hard to get her off of her animal "fixations" and I really don't want to keep on hearing about/being asked what a camel sounds like, where is it at, what is it's name, can you ride it, can you touch it, will it bite you...etc. Bobcats, wolves, and lately the mastodon have been fixations and it gets a little tiring. Plus, she just ends up naming them all "Peter" anyways...

Hope all is well,

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