Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Record: Hudson and Home Without Being Pulled Over...

Hi all,

Well, last night was certainly interesting. After some very tricking backing up (on both my part and the car I was following...) and a confusing drive, we made it to where the concert was at. As usual, it was crowded and hot. Since I was DDing I only had a drink and tried to keep tabs on our small group. I had a lot of fun hanging out with a co-worker that I'd only seen in passing and she kept me good company (she also had the misfortune to walk through the door after the sound guy placed a firecracker in a piece of cake, and got to wear it for the rest of the evening...). We also met some co-workers from another camp nearby, and that was quite the experience.

The group ended up splitting up, and when I was certain the other two had a ride home I set off. Unfamiliar with the route, and paranoid about all the speeding traps I'd seen/heard about I was extra cautious. They have these annoying "End 30" signs, but don't state the limit. Supposedly it's 55 if not stated, but lots of curves have reduced limits. I'd just hit a stretch of highway with 3 lanes, 2 on my side. I was going 40 and just as I was about to speed up I noticed a cop car cresting the hill in front of me. Paranoid, I kept my course steady. I was so engrossed I made a little mistake. Before I know it, I see them turn around in my rearview mirror and start flashing their lights.

I knew to pull over immediately, and had my license at a ready. The co-worker who was navigating was a titch tipsy, and couldn't find the registration..."What does it even look like?!?"
It was shaping up great. Here's the convo between the cop and myself:

"Hey there. Do you know why I pulled you over?"
"No, actually"
"You didn't dim your brights."
"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry..."
"I see you're from MN...what are you doing here?"
"Ohhhh. I see."
"Have you been drinking tonight?"
"Yes, I had a drink a few hours ago"
"What was it?"
(Other co-worker helpfully murmurs "Uh, wasn't it a beer?")
"No. It was a vodka mixed with energy drink."
"Oh, like Redbull?"
"No. It was AMP. Bleh."
"Yeah. Well, drive safely!"
"Um. Thanks, and the speed limit here is 55, right?"
"Ok, Thank you very much!"


Apparently I could've potentially gotten a $35 ticket, although they were supposed to flash their lights. Perhaps the fact that I was only driving 40-45 convinced them to pull me over. So when I'd said I had a drink, I thought I'd for sure be taking a sobriety test. I'd never been pulled over before, so I have to say it was a novel and not-so-fun experience.

However, I have now improved my record, thus being tied for the moment. I got minorly turned around but nothing major. I had a really good day hanging out with Schmee (also her day off). We went to a coffee shop, had Italian for lunch (splitting this enormous carafe of wine...yum!) and watched a movie on voting for our civic service requirement. Part of it was cartoons...

So, yeah. A really good day after a pretty crazy night...

Hope all is well,

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