Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sugar Coma

Hi all,

After the morning cleaning, the late lunch and a hurried shower, I was all ready for Connie's birthday party. She had a bunch of ladies over, and the chocolate cake (and some of my back-up pumpkin) was set upon. Housemom and two of the kids left fairly early on, so after I did some cleaning up I curled up on the couch. Beau looked through a book and Connie did some knitting. I fell asleep (apparently) with the 6 year old patting my head while she read, perched up on the couch arm.

I only know that I fell asleep because I had a terrible dream that it was Saturday morning (ha) and we had to have oatmeal for breakfast. I was quite upset. However, as I woke up and figured out where I was, I had a lovely warming sensation. I was quite happy to find myself snug in the house and woke up feeling a strong sense of goodwill towards everyone around me!

I woke up in time to get everyone ready to go out for dinner, and after a slight van mishap (housemom accidentally took the wrong van, causing quite a panic for another house with a birthday!) we were on our way. The food was pretty good, although I didn't eat much. I think I was still too full from cake! We had fun reading about our zodiac signs (I've impeccable manners, good intellect and creative, but disposed towards moodiness and disinterest, apparently) and no one kept an eye on Beau when the fortune cookies came, so he ingested his fortune. His eyes opened wide when we told him (thinking we were going to be upset??), but otherwise he really didn't seem to concerned by this pronouncement.

We dropped off the van at the house we borrowed it from, and cut across the village using the paths. I had my arms full. One hand had the two left-over bags and 3 eggs (raw, from the chickens that housemom closed into the coop just before we left) and the other was grasped by the three year old. It was a long walk...but my fingers and the eggs made it! I'm sure it was quite the sight, especially as I'd worn my shoes. Just one of those: didn't see that coming, sort of affairs.

I think I'm going out tonight with a group, and I'm supposed to go and hang out in Hudson tomorrow, so that should be fun. Small chance of a hair cut, but it's a good start!

Hope all is well,

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