Monday, February 22, 2010

Bitsy with a Lisp

Hi all,

Today was a rather hectic day. I was left to hold down the homestead (well, hostdad was nominally here...) and run the work crew. Unfortunately, almost everyone has the sniffles, so things were a little more restless than usual.

I used an interesting recipe that was for a rice, pasta and lentil dish with a buttery mint sauce. It was...good, I hope? I genuinely couldn't tell, as my taste buds have gone MIA with my cold. Considering we had squash soup for dinner though, it might come out as a wash for the day. However, it seemed as though people enjoyed it. The co-op didn't have any mint but housemom (before she ran out the door for the day) gave me the easy solution of using the 5 Mint tea, or regular mint tea. This obvious solution probably tasted a lot better than the peppermint extract I'd been dubiously eyeing...

Unfortunately, my orientation class was canceled because the "instructor" is sick. He's more of a mentor-guide, but the discussion to ask for a new male co-worker volunteer didn't end up happening. Instead it was brought to the village meeting tonight. Our house decided not to send a representative in order to show "faith in their decision". Need I say my feelings on this decision? Of course, I may just be nosy.

At any rate, I spent the afternoon in the co-op and was the only one there for almost the first half an hour. Since I wasn't supposed to be there at all, this concerned me slightly. However, most of everyone eventually showed up, except one of the other co-workers, who evidently decided to embrace the lack of orientation as a day off. Guess I'm still too Catholic for that. Sigh.

The title for today's post responds to my charge coming in to eat dinner and catching sight of one of the dolls that one of the girls had propped up in the window behind the table.
"What's THAT?!"
"That's Bitsy"
"Um, you can call her baby..."
"That's Bitchy!"

Yes...apparently a slight lisp and issue with that. Apparently we haven't sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", and I am now slightly tempted to do so next time there's a shower.

I just supressed an evil little laugh.

Hope all is well,

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sandi said...

ooooohhh steph, I think I just peed my pants I laughed so hard....ooooh, no, here I go again. Hilarious. Every time I hear that song now, I'm going to have gales of laughter and probably a publicly embarrassing moment....this is the Sandi Bates Sandi