Monday, February 8, 2010

So, I have an Assistant...

Hi all,

Who'd have thought, that a mere 6 months after gradation that I'd have a position with an assistant?!? Granted, that "position" is cook for the lunch meal and my assistant mainly helps with chopping vegetables, but it's a start! Mostly, it just makes me giggle...

Today I had to run the the admin building to get my flier posted off for carnival. It printed pretty well, and although it had WAY too much clip art to be considered anything near nice, it did the job. I also helped the visitor find the way, only to find out that the tour wouldn't be given for another hour and a half. She managed to get there by herself (after a few helpful hints and a turnaround or two) and definitely has a courageous spirit.

We were a bit concerned when we didn't see her back for lunch, but apparently some wires got crossed and she ate at a different house. I've enjoyed her company. She's got a good sense of humor and we have the whole "midwestern girl" background going on. I think she's going through swings of feeling like she's fitting in and then not. Orientation would be a good example of "not". The Germans are a strange breed, and I once again had to kick an introduction into being. Plus, half of them slept through the Woodstock film, including the guy who recommended it for the carnival theme! (Maddening...). However, we had a good time at tea-time - although there were some rather dubious "muffins". They reminded me slightly of the cuffins I made in Germany. He hadn't greased the pan, and that was just the beginning. The tops were crisp like sugar cookies, the bottoms stuck, and consisted of blueberries surrounding a chunk of bittersweet chocolate. When I asked if he used a reciped, I got "". Despite all of this, they were definitely edible. An interesting food experience. And hey, at least he baked!

I was late for dinner, because I'm a robot. Rather, I escorted our visitor to another house (quite a ways away) and forgot I was supposed to back-track to pick up the milk bucket. I was about 50 feet away from home when I realized it. And although the milk pails aren't extremely heavy, I could really use a back rub at this point...sigh. Tomorrow is another day, and it's still quite impractical to have a bicycle!

Hope all is well,

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scgustaf said...

Today I got caught up on your blog ~ you are having lots of adventures and making many memories ~ just think of the stories you will be able to tell for the rest of your life! You are a great writer ~ keep it up!
~ Carol G.