Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi all,

Now, I've been really impressed with Housemom. I mean, she's incredibly patient (yet incredibly human!), a wonderful mother and a good mentor. However, yesterday I gained major respect, because: she literally shattered glass with her mind. Now, the fact that she's not sure how she did it, only makes me more in awe. (And

She was holding a small glass in her hand to put in the dishwasher when it exploded into at least 500 tiny shards. Mainly into the dishwasher, unfortunately...She said it was the strangest sensation, that she could feel the energy of the explosion in that split-second. (Not that she has delusions of power, she wonders if there was a crack she didn't see or if it was a pressure/temperature change?) But how impressive is it to say that she can blow stuff up. She's like a Jedi-Mom Master...

Ok dork, back in your cage.

Today was pretty average. I made a not-so-tasty (but nourishing...) lunch with millet, kale and garbonzo beans (with onions, garlic, white wine and other little things). The other co-worker has been temporarily going next door to cook, but comes back to eat at the house. He was particularly disappointed, as he'd prepared a yummy meal and got to hear all about it from everyone else...

We had a neighborhood co-worker meeting and I got approved to have myself submitted to the car group to become a driver. So, hopefully within 2-3 weeks I should on the road. Mmmm, freedom...Also discussed was the upcoming carnival - and at one point a eurythmy strip-dance set to Woodstock music was discussed. I'm slightly intrigued.

Yes, that was a joke.

No, I still don't know what eurythmy is, other than a movement therapy.

I also had a goal's talk tonight with Housemom, as apparently this happens for most co-workers. As we all well know, my humor can be excessive at times and apparently caused a little confusion. So I shall be working to remedy that.

I did receive a wonderful comment though. She remarked that, for some reason/feeling, she could see me down the road as a long-term community member. I have to agree that it's probably a possibility. But the point of this year, really, is for me to be open. Open to find my life's calling (I hope), perhaps someone to spend my life with, or just to have a year to myself to grow.

The innate-planner in me and the slightly burned out Steph have some issues agreeing at times, but it's something that gives me peace right now. I'm enjoying "living in the moment" and feeling comfortable, for the most part. I know that growth requires some unease, and I'm ok with that as well. The constant feeling of stress and that horrible panicky feeling of not knowing if I'll suddenly be ambushed and accused of gross incompetence is slowly fading, and unfortunate bit of soul-damage from Turkey. The core issue of respect is so ingrained and sacred here, that it's no wonder that some people never leave.

Well, that was entirely too philosophical...

Hope all is well,

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