Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Once in a Lifetime Task...

Hi all,

Today I attempted the nigh-impossible. I dusted the co-op. Well, the places I could reach. I pondered outloud that we needed the tallest co-worker in the village to help out. And who should happen to wander in a mere half hour later? He gracefully obliged me, and so now only the highest parts have eluded my feather duster.

Housemom and the kids took off today for a much needed "day off". They went to the museum, drove around, and ended up with a speeding ticket. (A very stupid one, they were accelerating into a speed limit and got caught between the dumb is that?!) This meant that the house was very quiet today. I made guacamole (for snacking), and then combined and made meat sauce for noodles. Not extremely taxing, by any means. I had to run around to find cilantro, and got a very nice compliment from the housemom nextdoor. She offered support should I need it (taking on a lot with all the kids home and a co-worker flux...) and said she was impressed with how much I was managing. Honestly, having the whole morning with helping-supervising the morning crew and cooking seems not too bad when compared with banquet madness and a Turkish-screaming 5 year old. Not that the kids can't drive me up the wall here a little, but they're generally great kids and I'm not in charge of them!

Things are a bit off-balance here with all the sickness (to which I'm valiantly struggling to combat!), a personal (not mine) problem or two, and the kids on break. But I feel as though I do have a support structure to lean on (both here and outside with friends and family) and so I Really do think it's still going well. All except for the internet of course, which keeps flickering as I write this post even! Arg. Guess that means I better publish this ASAP...

Hope all is well,

P.S. Just found out I'm 2 degrees of separation from James Bond. Yes, you should be envious...

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