Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ms. Popular?

Hi all,

Some of you may have noticed the lovely spam comments I've gotten lately. Thankfully it's only been 2 so far, but I hope it won't grow. I'm a bit conflicted. It makes me feel good that my blog is popular enough to get hit (because once is random, twice is not, right??), but it's a pain and a disappointment to see that they're not actual comments. I may still survive.

Today I had a break from lunch, but still ended up doing a lot of prep for it out of boredom. I did a co-op run, and ran into one of the villagers who likes to tell everyone they should get married (and then get a boyfriend...). However, today he got interrupted half-way through, the third time, and ended up saying "You should marry a girl!". Another quick-tongued co-worker retorted: "That's very progressive of you!" I'll still, unfortunately, have to pass...

We had rye-loaf again for lunch, and I still thought it was delicious. My poor future children will probably whine that they want "normal" meatloaf. Too bad, spawn. I also fetched the milk pails, which is something my back would appreciate me not volunteering for anymore.

My afternoon was spent in a new co-worker training course. Oddly enough, most of what we talked about was boundaries and sex. My favorite part though, was the horrified reaction of the poor Korean girl when we described ticks and poison ivy. I mean, we're used to it (although PI climbs trees here...proof that MN is actually more civilized??) but it does sound a bit intimidating to describe blood-sucking animals that can cause lyme disease. It also got me a pass from the co-op, although I did pop by at the end and contributed to a small ruckus. Not many bags of chips were harmed in the event!

In other thrilling news, I finally got to use the washer. House mom has been freaking and washing everything within sight. I also get to go and get officially checked tomorrow. No one else in the house (that still lives here...) has it, so I'm thinking I'll be fine. *knocking*

On that pleasant note..
Hope all is well,

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