Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hi all,

Yes, what a thrilling topic! However, apparently there has been cases around the other houses (and in the schools?) and house mom found one on her and some on several of the kids. Luckily, the rest of the house seems to be ok. The family has pretty much their own wing, so it's pretty contained. House mom was freaking out earlier, which was slightly funny to me. Being the daughter of a school nurse (hearing lots of backlash from PTA meetings...), I know how little a deal it is. Not that it's not frustrating and a pain to treat, but it's hardly the mark of a dirty person.

Anyhow, the neighborhood meeting was canceled today in favor of a "Master Plan" meeting. So, other than the drama of the head lice, I still managed to get a nice nap in. Yes, you should all be extremely jealous...

Other than that, today wasn't extremely eventful. Oh, except for the beets. Yes, despite having lived in a town that processed them, I think I had managed up to this point in my life to have avoided eating them. It was especially funny because house mom and I had discussed how I'd like to live my whole life eating from a separated tray, and then: she had my beets touching the stir fry!!! It was slightly traumatic. I found out, (though I did give them a fair try) that I do not care for beets. I'd tried a piece raw yesterday, but this sealed the deal. I managed to choke them down, drowned in my honey mustard dressing, but next time I shall pass. Blech.

So, yeah, yet another post with food as a topic...

Hope all is well,

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david said...

your article is a very good read, to be honest.. i really dont want to use some kind of chemical agents on my kids head. but sometimes. the home remedies just doesnt work. and head lice, is really hard to get rid of. also nits are hard to remove because you have to get a special comb to remove them.