Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking a Break from Kissing Strange Men

Hi all,

And it's only because I feel such an onerous burden towards all of you. That, and to guarantee that my lips wouldn't implode. It was a long afternoon in the co-op. Lots of little squabbles and nit-picking. At one point, (for some reason now lost to my mind), I finally interjected "...Because I've been kissing all those strange men!". My controversy-loving villager replied quite emphaticall that I couldn't have been. Amused, I continued the thread, including that perhaps there'd been some women, and actually, I had been with all of the co-workers. Funnily enough, when pressed on WHY I couldn't have been, she wouldn't give me an answer! I must admit, I was slightly disappointed.

Thus, I must find some strange men to kiss.



Anyhow, the village has saturated my subconscious. The last two nights running, I've had dreams centered around life here. The first one I was helping to give showers (although I only help 1 person...) and I got really mad because when I wasn't looking, she crept back in for a second one. I was quite peeved. Last night was a whole new realm. First there were a bunch of wild steers and all the German guys decided they were going to ride them. This obviously went well. I was then skiing with the housemom/dad/kids but my boots wouldn't fit into my skis. Suddenly, a mob (not the mob...although that would've been kinda cool...) started following me. They eventually ripped off one of my shoes (?) and threw it into a deep hole. Dream ended there - so not really sure what to tell you about that one...

If anyone cares to analyze those, they can drop me a line.

Moving on. Tomorrow I will be doing the run into town during the rest time because it is my house's turn. So far, two villagers have called to reserve a spot. I'm kind of hoping another co-worker will call, because last time I did miss the turn coming back. However, I'll probably be hyper-paranoid, so maybe it'll be ok.

So yeah, other than having my non-existing sexual proclivities discussed and dreaming of work, my day was pretty mundane. It did rain, however, ALL DAY LONG. Might do so for the next two days. Joy.

We will be saying goodbye to our co-worker tomorrow (and hopefully, HOPEFULLY finding out about a new one?) and so things might get a little emotional. I, for one, have no particularly strong feelings on the matter. He clearly wasn't happy and didn't enjoy his job and so therefore didn't take any pride or real care in what he was doing. Now, we may get another person who is indignant that he had to move and resents us for it. Could be a ton of fun.

Hope all is well,

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