Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking the Plunge

Hi all,

Today, I was baptized. It was rather impromptu and a complete surprise to me. I blame math. Because, I was always told (see Mr R. I did listen...) "The shortest path between two points is a straight line". So, after orientation today I decided to go to the house I needed to drop a key off at by going through a field and avoiding the two much longer and looping pathways. There is a fence, but it's a wooden affair that I felt competent I could swing over. I'd forgotten about the small creek, however. I saw it just in time, and since it looked like it's about 1 foot wide, I gave it another 1-2 feet on each side to be safe and jumped for it...


Hmm, well, at least my boots stayed on...And, I Shout*ed out the mud stains, so really, it was a wash. (Ha ha ha. Sorry.) Housemom decided that it was one of those things that just really proved you'd made it. So, add that to the list of sickness, and I'm beginning to wonder how many more things are considered in that account. Hopefully I won't find out.

I spent most of orientation making decorations for the carnival celebration tomorrow. We've got a wide variety of flowers (in eye-popping neon colors!) and posters. Mine was spectacularly unspectacular, but we had a really good artist that made some truly wonderful ones. I was tempted to steal one to hang in my room...bad Steph.

We also got costumes together for the ladies tonight. Housemom also made sure that I will be adequately costumed, lending me some boots, big earrings and a good opinion. I'm hoping it will be fun, but it's only 2 hours so I should be able to survive it no problem. Plus, the music group is pretty good and I hope everyone likes them.

Hope all is well,

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