Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi all,

Hey look! A PICTURE! Remember that whole thing-I-did-last-night-that-I'll-tell-you-tomorrow?
That'd be it. Hopefully you can see at least a good portion of the 30-40 snow angels I ended up making last night. I'd planned to go out and gaze at the stars from the pond, so I'd dressed warmly. Then I remembered that I'd promised KT a snow angel. So I made a drove of them. Giggling inanely to myself pretty much the entire time. By the end my arms and legs were tired from flailing and every time I got up was a major effort.

I was very pleased with myself.

God liked them so much, he decided to snow on them this afternoon. They are now gone. An hour of my life that I won't get back, but I think well spent!!!

Today I pretty much ran the co-op as the main person and the other co-worker both weren't there. Despite it (or because of?) being delivery day, there was plenty to do and keep us busy. A regular whirlwind of efficiency. And no squabbling, which was nice.

An amusing part of the day happened at dinner. We had a guest over and I put her next to one of our house villagers. The former really talks a lot (and so does ours, which takes a lot longer with her stuttering and repeating everything that we say...arg!) and soon the other one was telling her to be quiet. Although woe be unto us should we ever say it to her. I may have pointed that out...

We also celebrated Candlemas, with the land work groups leading a little processional in the hall and talking about the upcoming planting and work season. We got a packet of seeds, which may lead to something orange??
We also went to the new green house before hand and looked at everyone's transparencies. Apparently not only my house mom went completely obsessive over it (despite it supposing to be a collective house effort...), and some of them were quite lovely. They were mostly 70 by 35 inches. So huge.

Anyhow, I'm out of steam and actually need to go to bed tonight!

Hope all is well,

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