Friday, February 12, 2010

Me + 3 y/o + Frosting =

Hi all,

So, yeah...It was a good joint effort, really. We made my cream cheese frosting but added a good dollop of cocoa powder. It was light and creamy, and the cake that Housemom made was almost like a brownie. A very good combination! We made said cake because we had yet another birthday in the house. Housemom was running around all morning tending to her sick children (2/3 sick...) and so I pretty much ran the show. We had a super-simple lunch (Fridays are becoming spaghetti day, I've decided...) and so it all went pretty smoothly.

The other co-worker has been spending the mornings next door (temporarily) cooking lunch to help out while they're transitioning between some co-workers. He has a very annoying habit of coming in afterwards and poking in around my annoys me immensely. He always has a little comment as well, and after I've spent the whole morning working and trying to follow the grain of the day (usually...), a little whining is the last thing that I want to hear! Plus, he refuses to eat the dishes together (like the grain and then the topping) so I'm sure it tastes not very good -especially for millet! I finally semi-kicked him out of the kitchen today, and he got the picture...I hope...

The afternoon was pretty typical at the co-op. Met a few more new -to me- faces (yup, a month and still running into new ones...) and tried to stay on task. However, what happened before work was actually funny. One of the young men in the house gets Sports Illustrated. Housemom warned me when I get the mail to just chuck the swimsuit edition - it's an unneeded thing to have around. Well, guess who decided to pick up the mail today? Luckily, I managed to convince him that the second edition wasn't really his and slipped it
upstairs quickly. (Really, Valentine's Day? Although funny, because it was his
When I came back down Housemom asked:
"Where'd it go?"
"Oh, I threw it in my the first place to come
to mind: Under the mattress!"
"Uh, well...just don't forget about it until you move out or a lot of people will be saying: 'We had no idea!' "
"Um. Yes. Wow."

The awkwardness of that possibility is slightly hilarious. Needless to say, it is no longer under my mattress!

In order to celebrate the birthday, we went
out to an Asian restaurant. This was super exciting because of:

Yay! Sushi!

It has occurred to me that I've had it in strange places. Denmark, Las Vegas and now a tiny town in Massachusetts. I was going to take a picture of the two types (my favorite, a salmon with cream cheese and then the tuna and avocado), but in my excitement I forgot. So, it's the last little piece. By the liquid you can see around it, it's easy to show how non-adept I am at chopsticks. We had a pretty good time, and everyone enjoyed the awesome food!

I'm glad that it's my day off tomorrow, though I'm sure I will not be afforded the luxury of sleeping in. Perhaps in the summer I shall find a cheap tent - tarp? And camp out the night before. My proximity to the bathroom (not to mention Saturday cleaning/Sunday Service) just makes it an impossibility. Oh, yeah, and the screaming children. Hmm...Earplugs are also a thought. Have to wait and see...

Hope all is well,

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