Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Champion Nut Rescuer

Hi all,

This was pretty much my largest achievement of the day. The morning was pretty quiet...but filled with cleaning. Urg. Our new morning helper is quite fantastic and a willing soul. I also got out for a quick co-op run, which was nice. The morning, however, in no way prepared me for the rest of the day. The 3 year old lost a nut under one of the couches, and since housemom was busy, I proclaimed myself a professional and rescued it (along with a dozen marbles and an entire colony of dust bunnies!). Everyone ate at the cafe today, except for the family and myself, and so I reveled in the mac 'n cheese and chicken hotdogs. (Still...which parts...?)

During rest hour I actually spent most of my time finishing up a pet project. It's a very simple, but nice looking copper bracelet. I used the idiot's delight/byzantine weave, and I think it's perfectly charming. I'd considered adding some beads, but I'm not sure that I will. Anyhow...the afternoon...

Usually I'm the first one to the co-op, and have to wait for a key for several minutes. Today it got downright ridiculous, so I ended up having to run to a nearby house for their neighborhood co-op key. I then found out one of the co-workers was sick, and that the other (though he begged that he had no true reason) had had a rough morning. During this time, I had a minor conversation altercation with one of the people I work and live with. She utterly refused to drop the argument, and at one point got physical. It was very trying and eventually the other co-worker/manager guy worked out a system so I could be in a separate part of the building because: she would NOT leave me alone and drop the subject. It was very frustrating, and I'm not sure what to do about it. Apparently it will be discussed later, as this sort of thing has been an on-going issue.

On a completely unrelated note, I called a wishy-washy German (who can easily drive me crazy) a stupid goat - in German. Not exactly what he was expecting. Hopefully he took it in the way that I meant it (purely joking, with a slight edge of frustration...), but I must remember that it's probably not as funny to Germans as it is to Americans...

Made a mess of the day...didn't I?

Hope all is well (and better...),

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