Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ohhh, Vietnamese, Righhhht.

Hi all,

This is one of the posters that I did end up snitching after the festivities were over. In all fairness, they were just getting tossed out, so Schmee, Bean and myself all helped ourselves. I just realized today (it was late last night, ok?) the significance of having the lettering on one side of "End the War" be in Vietnamese. Oh, that war. Total blond moment. Moving on...

The last time I checked the clock last night (with an immediate "Oh. Not going to be good tomorrow...") was 1:37 AM. I'm estimating my actual sleep time at 2. I was coughing some, and just generally keyed-up. We didn't get back from dropping Schmee off until a bit past 12 (her house just up and left her at the Village...nice, right?) and so I was way too tired to post last night. I got to see inside Bean's house, which I think is the newest in the village. Needless to say, their house is very nice, and her room is square. This is a no-no in Anthroposophical architecture (yup...) and impressed me almost as much as E.T. E.T. Had a very traumatizing effect of my childhood (large volume increase shortly before the popping-out-of-the-closet scene...) so I'm impressed with her guts.

The Woodstock carnival was deemed by most people to be a huge success. However, half of the band got very lost, 1 person (non-essential?) never made it, they started playing 20 minutes before it was supposed to be done (then played for another 1.5 hours...), skit people got mad because the stage wasn't available, the sound system was FUBAR - songs without words... and things just generally ran late. However, there were balloons, doughnuts and eventual music, and that's pretty much everything anyone needed! Bean was in charge of running the sound (which is a patch-worked, outdated monstrosity) and I helped solve two technical problems. One included changing a channel on the microphone. This means, Steph = pretty much useless, but lucky.

I enjoyed the doughnuts.

And I danced, though I'm not proud of my technique and may deny it.


So, at any rate, today was very slow at the house. I was very tempted to shoot the other co-worker when he accidentally made oatmeal (it's our cold cereal day, damn it!), I'd suffered through 2 entirely bland days already and it was absolutely unbearable. So, I ended up eating the organic o's instead. It was an honest mistake, but at this point with the oatmeal...well...yeah. We ended up having pizza for lunch, and housemom got one of the staff kids (a tall, goodnatured senior) from next door to baby sit. I'm not sure what they submitted him to outside, but they were tying him up with the play silks inside and using him as a human jungle-gym. I don't know what he did wrong, but I'm guessing he won't do it again!

After rescuing him with a tea-time of hot cocoa and nachos, it was a bit of a struggle for him to get extracted from the clutches of the 3 year old. After he managed to escape, this conversation took place:

Him: "I'm going to go get him!"
Me: "What are you going to do?! Carry him back??"
H: "NO! I'm going to drag him...on the road. And then I'm going to tie him up in the boot room..."
M: "And then what? Hope for Stockholm's syndrome?"
*Blank Look*
H: "...NO! I'm going to leave him downstairs for the monsters to get at night! THEY'LL EAT HIM!!!!"

And all this because he was so sad to see him go...?

We also didn't have a meeting today, so I managed to conk out for a while. The Co-op was pretty unspectacular, and we were scrambling for things to do. Definitely over-staffed... OH! I got my keys!! A previous co-op person finally dropped them off last night for me. So now I can open 2 doors out of 4, but now I can at least let myself in and not stand around awkwardly outside.

Tomorrow Housemom is attempting to take a day off with the children. Someone will come in to do lunch meds and I found out our usual lunch guest won't be coming this week. I don't usually make lunch on Thursday, and I'm not sure about rye. May just end up winging it...On a slightly related note, I'm not in charge of soup for tomorrow but I do have to think up a dessert for after Sunday dinner...any ideas??

Hope all is well,

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